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Raising for Fun while Fundraising

Get your poker face on - it's time for the 2018 MS Poker Tournament!

I am once again thrilled to announce the 14th annual MS Poker Tournament, Saturday (June 30th) - Let the Fireworks start early this year! Don't miss this ONCE A YEAR EVENT! Featuring a veritable petting zoo of your favorite animals - donkeys, sharks, fish, and more! It's the day you've been waiting for. (June 30th). Your perfect excuse to leave the wife and kids behind and come out for some old-fashioned fun; have a few beers, play some cards, enjoy some great food, get prizes, and hey, it's guilt free, since IT'S FOR CHARITY! Everything you'd expect and more: Great Food, Beer, Cards, Prizes, more. Mark your calendars and register today!

As always, thanks to everyone who has played, volunteered, and contributed to this fundraiser over the past 10+ years. We couldn't have done it without you, and we look forward to seeing you again this year! This will actually be our 19th MS Poker event - (yes, I am personally 0-19 - but that just means that I'm due!) As usual, we can't wait to see all of you, and hope you can make it. Please register below and thanks for your continued support!

The 2018 MS Poker Tournament will be held on Saturday June 30th at 2pm.

Laurie and I will be hosting this tournament at our home again, and we plan to have 3 tables for this event (possibly 4 this year, if necessary). Thank you to our 2018 MS Poker Food Sponsors:


Registration is now CLOSED, as we have filled all of our seats for this years event. If you would like to volunteer or get on our alternates list, please send us an email at official!)

The tournament will have an $80 initial suggested donation and $60 rebuys (what a bargain!) - everyone will get an MS Poker Tournament gift with your donation.

As always, there will be plenty of food, drink, and fun. And I assure you that the 30th will be a code red ozone and scorcher of a day, so all of your afternoon activities will be shot anyway! See you soon. Check back soon for more updates and more details.

Can't make it to the tournament this spring, but still want to help out. Please visit our on-line DONATION PAGE!

Are you one of the lucky players that registered on time? The current player list isHERE

Hall Of Champions

2017 Main Event Champion
John Dye
2016 Main Event Champion
Jeff Sauder
2015 Main Event Champion
Cindy Albert
2014 Main Event Champion
Mike Bradecamp
2013 Main Event Champion
Mark Levengard
2011 Invitational Champion
Cindy Albert
2010 Invitational Champion
Steven Blomberg
2010 Main Event Champion
Bill Flanigan
2009 Invitational Champion
Dee Weiss
2009 Main Event Champion
Jack Levengard
2008 Invitational Champion
Bill Flanigan
2008 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2007 Invitational Champion
Drew Roberts
2007 Main Event Champion
Russell Shiflett
2006 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2005 Invitational Champion
Howard Walsh
2005 Main Event Champion
Ernie O'Green
2004 Main Event Champion
Eric Gold

If you are jealous of those final table players, and want to get your hands on some MS Poker T-Shirts, I have loaded all of the most popular designs into ZAZZLE, where you can order your own shirt. All proceeds from those sales will be donated to the National MS Society (about 20% of the sales price). Just Check it out Below - or go to zazzle and search: MSPOKERTOURNAMENT

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For a complete listing of MS Poker Tournament Rules, click HERE

The Organizer and Sponsors of this event do not condone gaming for purposes other than entertainment. This event will be limited to the levels imposed by the Maryland home poker game regulations.