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Raising for Fun while Fundraising

Another year, another successful fund raising tournament is in the books. Thank you to all of our great donors and volunteers who helped us raise over $2300 for the National MS Society.

A quick thank you to everyone who helped make this year's tournament a success. Thank you to our volunteer dealers, Laurie, Lee, David, and Geoff. Thank you to our food sponsors:

California Dominos

As usual, we had a great group of players for the tournament this year. We had three first timers, but the rest of the players were MS Poker Tournament regulars, and it was great seeing so many familiar faces. Thanks to all who came from near and far to join the festivities.

Didn't make it to the tournament this spring, but still want to help out? Please visit our on-line DONATION PAGE!

Tournament Highlights and Results

As usual, the tournament started with three tables, and unlike some previous events, it actually took a while before we had our first rebuy. But, once the ice was broken, everyone got into the spirit. The rebuy pace really picked up as we got close to the dinner break and no one can argue about not having an opportunity to accummulate some chips.

We discovered that the secret to happy players is to take pictures early on in the tournment, before it gets too serious.

Whole Room Panoramic

It's always great to see so many familiar faces!

Table 2
Table 3

Everybody got to relax for a few minutes and enjoy some food before getting down to business. There were a couple of players who were down to their last few chips already, so we knew that it wouldn't be long before we had our first person out. However, instead of a short stack taking the quick exit, our first out came from Table 1, and featured a first to worst in consecutive years. At least Jeff can claim to have won a trophy in each of the past two years.

First Out

Final Table and Results

By 5:30, we were down to two tables, and by 7pm, we had our final table. We had two returning champions, at least until we finished the first hand, which featured a three way all-in and took us down to 8 players very quickly. John came in as the big stack and added more chips early on. The other contenders shifted chips back and forth for a while, and the play was very serious as players continued to slowly get knocked out.

Final Table

The last returning champion bowed out in 5th place to make it official that we would have a new champion. No one wanted to bubble out, so the final four battled for over an hour. Until John (who predicted his fate earlier in the day), became the victim of lack of good cards. Kamil, shortly thereafter was eliminated by the two remaining big stacks, and then it was down to John and Mary to see who would take home the trophy.

Final Four

3rd Place Kamil Akcali
2nd Place Mary Thompson

Congratulations to the 2017 MS Poker Champion: John "Secretary of Defense" Dye

2017 Champion

Did you miss the 2017 MS Poker Tournament, but still want to get in on the action? Want to help fight MS, but need to spend some quality time with the family? Well, try our not-so-new family friendly fundraiser: The MS Ice-Cream-A-Thon! Registration is OPEN for the 2017 Rockville MS Ice-Cream-A-Thon - Sunday August 27th - Click HERE for more info!

Hall Of Champions

2017 Main Event Champion
John Dye
2016 Main Event Champion
Jeff Sauder
2015 Main Event Champion
Cindy Albert
2014 Main Event Champion
Mike Bradecamp
2013 Main Event Champion
Mark Levengard
2011 Invitational Champion
Cindy Albert
2010 Invitational Champion
Steven Blomberg
2010 Main Event Champion
Bill Flanigan
2009 Invitational Champion
Dee Weiss
2009 Main Event Champion
Jack Levengard
2008 Invitational Champion
Bill Flanigan
2008 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2007 Invitational Champion
Drew Roberts
2007 Main Event Champion
Russell Shiflett
2006 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2005 Invitational Champion
Howard Walsh
2005 Main Event Champion
Ernie O'Green
2004 Main Event Champion
Eric Gold

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For a complete listing of MS Poker Tournament Rules, click HERE

The Organizer and Sponsors of this event do not condone gaming for purposes other than entertainment. Gambling is illegal in Maryland and Montgomery County (well, except for the state sponsored race track, lottery, casinos...but I digress)

**As the MS Poker Tournament is purely for entertainment, the participants are not obligated to donate any money during the fundraiser, however, your generosity will be greatly apprecitated. Previous donors may receive priority seating at the tournament.