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2005 MS Poker Tournament

This Year, it WAS BIGGER & BETTER!!!

Wow! Thanks everybody for helping make the MS Poker 2005 Tournament a fantastic success. Collectively, we raised more than $2000 for the National MS Society, and we had a fun time doing so. I first want to thank our sponsors again for making this day possible. Thank you to the Middlebrook Restaurant and Pub for providing the great location and atmosphere, as well as providing great sustenance. Thanks to the staff and the owner for going out of their way to help us out. Thanks to Howard Entertainment for providing the tables and chips and giving us the feel of a real poker tournament.

Thanks to Timberlake Apparel for providing hats to the final table (if you want one, you can still purchase an MS Poker 2005 hat for $10. Email me for details).

Thanks also to our great volunteers and dealers (Kitty, Sally, Jodie, Candace, Georgeanne, Laurie, Tessie, Janice, Dan, and Samantha) who also helped make the day special.

Tournament Highlights and Results

The tournament started with 61 players spread onto 7 tables at 1pm, and ended with only 1 player left at 7:40pm.

Table 1 Table 2

We had a lot of new faces this year, especially as we condensed tables. None of last year's final table players made it down to the final 2 tables. The longest lasting member of that group was Michael Feldman who made it to the final 3 tables.

Table 3 Table 4

Speaking of the final 3 tables. We had a few more female players this year than last, however, only one made it to the final 3 tables, and unfortunately, didn't get any further, but, congrats to Mary Thompson for representing, and fighting hard for the ladies (it must have been the hat.)

Table 5 Table 6

The most successful first table was Table 5, who succeeded in pushing 4 original players onto the final table.

Table 7

Congrats to Dave Soverns (2004 Final Table Player), who crushed the old first-out record, by exiting 12 minutes into the tournament.

Dave - What happened to your chips?

Hey look, I have chips! Well, I had chips for a while (thanks to some kind cards), and although I went a lot further than last year...I still missed the final table.

This is Unusual - I have chips

The Final Table

The final table consisted of 3 returning players (from last year), and 6 new players. Watch out for these card sharks!


Congratulations to all of the final table players, and especially the top five finishers:
5th Place Michael Bailey
4th Place Dan Carabelo
3rd Place Scott Jackson
2nd Place Scott Maddock

Congratulations to the 2005 MS Poker Champion: Ernie O'Green

2005 Champion

To see the results from last year's tournament, click HERE.