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2005 MS Poker Tournament Invitational

What a great time! Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out with our fundraiser. With only 25 attendees, we still managed to raise over $1200 (that's almost $50/person). We had some great sponsors this year, keeping everyone well fed. Thank you very much to:

Thanks also to HOWARD ENTERTAINMENT for supplying us with Tables and Chips. And a special thanks to our wonderful dealers, Kitty, Liz, Robin, and Sally.

Tournament Highlights and Results

The tournament started with 25 players spread onto 3 tables at 3pm, and ended with only 1 player left at 9:35pm.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

We managed to fit all three tables downstairs. Things were going smoothly for me at table 3, until I became the dubious FIRST OUT 45 minutes into the tournament. (What can I say...I just like being a good host ;-)

First Out

It took a while to get down to the final table, but these guys all earned their place. Sandy just missed the final table, but did manage to outlast all the other ladies.

Final Table

The final table was exciting to watch. The most amazing hand occurred when they were down to the final four players (Howard, Gerardo, John, and Sonny.) Three players raised and called before the flop (Gerardo, John and Sonny) - The flop came King, Seven, Jack, Gerardo put in a big bet, John went all in, Sonny called, Gerardo Called - there was over 60% of the total tournament chip count in the pot! John flipped over a pair of Jacks - giving him three jacks, Sonny flipped over a pair of Aces, and then Gerardo flipped over a pair of Kings. The fourth and fifth cards didn't help any of the players, so Gerardo knocked out John into fourth place and crippled Sonny, who eventually finished Third.

Final Three

Gerardo and Howard battled for a while, passing chips back and forth. In a great show of sportsmanship, they decided to split the top prize and just play for the trophy. By 9:30pm we had our champion.

Congratulations to all of the final table players, and especially the top four finishers:

4th Place John Dye
3rd Place Sonny Zigler
2nd Place Gerardo Rodriguez

Congratulations to the 2005 MS Poker Invitational Champion and first sponsor to win: Howard Walsh

2005 Champion

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