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2007 MS Poker Invitational

Another great tournament! Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, and donated to this fall's invitational fundraiser. With your help, we raised another $1600 for the National MS Society. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

I want to take a quick moment to recognize the people who helped make this day possible. Thank you to our volunteer dealers (Sally, Laurie, Lillian, Tessie, and Angelica) and food runners (Bill, Sally, and Helene). Thank you to Howard Entertainment for supplying the tables, chips, and dealer buttons. Thanks also to our great food donors, keeping everyone well fed.

Tournament Highlights and Results

The tournament started with 27 players squeezed onto 3 tables at 2pm, and ended with only 1 player left at 9:45pm.

There was plenty of action for the first few rounds. I definitely overheard the mantra "It's for charity" plenty of times.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

After our first food break, it was time to get serious. After about 90 minutes we were down to 2 tables, and one round after our second food break, we were whittled down to the final table. And for the first time in a MS Poker Event, yours truly made it to the final table (WOO HOO!)

Final Table

There were two MS Poker Champions at the final table, including the sitting 2007 Champion, so I didn't have high hopes eventhough I had quite a few chips. The action slowed a bit at the final table, as everyone was vying for the trophy, so it took a while to whittle down the players. Ultimately, the cream (and the lucky) rose to the top. Although he had a dominant chip lead, our third place finisher seemed destined for a second consecutive third place. And ultimately, my luck ran out as well. Congratulations to our top finishers, and champion!

3rd Place Dwain Ruckel
2nd Place Adam Hartman

Congratulations to the 2007 MS Poker Invitational Champion: Drew Roberts

2007 Invitational Top Three Finishers

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