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2008 MS Poker Tournament

We did it! For the 5th year in a row, we've RAISED the fundraising bar! Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and donated to this year's fundraiser. With your help, we raised more money than ever before...Over $3800!!! Please enjoy your commemorative coins, and I hope they bring you great luck at the poker table!

I want to take a quick moment to recognize the people who helped make this day possible. Thank you to our fantastic volunteer dealers (Sally, Kitty, Lillian, Angelica, Stella, Bunny, and Katy) and food runners (Helene and Guy). Thank you to the Kingsview HOA for allowing us to use their Community Center again this year. Thanks also to our great food donors, keeping everyone well fed:

Tournament Highlights and Results

The tournament started with 59 players spread over 7 tables at 1pm, and ended with only 1 player left at 9:35pm.

The Whole Room

For the first two rounds, players were making some serious moves and the rebuys were flying (although I don't think I heard too many iterations of "it's for charity anyway").

Early Rounds Play

1st Out Trophy

After the first two rounds were complete, play tightened up as everybody tried to avoid going home with the not so prestigious 1st Out Trophy. Unfortunately, someone had to take it home, and this year, Mark Levengard exchanged his Pocket Aces for the 1st Out trophy. Several players followed Mark, and after a few more rounds and another food break, we eventually condensed to 2 tables.

Final Table

It took a long time to get down to the final table, but eventually only 9 players remained. The blinds were high and there was some great play, but within an hour or so, the bubble was burst and we had our top 5 finishers.

Top 5 Finishers Part A Top 5 Finishers Part B

For those of you who argue that Poker is a game of luck versus skill - I present the final 5 players in the 2008 MS Poker tournament - including 3 past champions, 1 past runner up, and 1 first time player. In fact the top 3 finishers this year were ALL previous MS Poker champions! Congratulations to our top finishers!

5th Place John Gartner
4th Place Fouad Taouil
3rd Place Howard Walsh
2nd Place Russell Shifflett

Congratulations to the 2008 MS Poker Champion and first two time MS Poker Champion: Scott Maddock

2008 Champion

As a side note - for those who know how I like to play Poker - I found it very fitting that the winning hand for the MS Poker Tournament was one of my favorites:

Winning Hand

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