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2009 MS Poker Tournament

Another successful tournament and a great result for the National MS Society! Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and donated to this year's fundraiser. With your help, we raised another $2400 for the National MS Society!!! I hope everyone enjoys their commemorative coins and bears, and I hope they bring you great luck at the poker table!

I want to take a quick moment to recognize the people who helped make this day possible. Thank you to our fantastic volunteer dealers (Sally, Angelica, Janice, Mark, and Lee), our Tournament Director (Mike), and food runner (Helene). Thank you to the Kingsview HOA for allowing us to use their Community Center again this year. Thanks to Montgomery Poker League for some of the table toppers and chips. Thanks also to our great food donors, keeping everyone well fed:

But Most of All - THANKS to all the Players and Donors who made this event a great success!!!

Tournament Highlights and Results

The tournament started with 42 players spread over 5 tables at 12pm, and ended with only 1 player left at 7:35pm.

There's always lots of smiles, trash talk, and fun during the first two rounds (when you can still rebuy)...

And of course there was some serious poker playing, too...



After the first two rounds were complete, and lunch was demolished, play tightened up as everybody tried to avoid going home with the not so prestigious 1st Out Trophy. Unfortunately, someone had to take it home, and this year, we had our first top to bottom finisher...Bill...fresh off his 2008 Invitational Championship...Bill takes home his second consecutive trophy, but probably won't display this one as proudly. Several players followed suit, and after a few more rounds and another food break, we eventually condensed to 2 tables.

It didn't take quite that long to get down to our final 9 (and no, that's not a photoshop'ed picture - I did make the final table!)

2009 Final Table

It didn't take long for the action to heat up. The first hand played at the table saw the chipleader lose half of his stack when he flopped bottom trips and was outflopped by middle trips. A few hands later, there was another HUGE pot - with a 4 way ALL-IN. Much to my dismay, my second best, Ace King, was no good compared to pocket aces, and the final table shrunk. Everyone battled to hang on, but eventually, we were down to our Top 4 finishers.

Top 4 Finishers

The chip leader entering the final table, and the only returning Champion still alive, Drew did his best, but couldn't hold up against the big stacks. Congrats to Drew and our other new top finishers this year!

4th Place Drew Roberts
3rd Place Rick Felperin
2nd Place Frank Wolfe

Congratulations to the 2009 MS Poker Champion:
Jack Levengard

2009 Champion

Hall Of Champions

2009 Main Event Champion
Jack Levengard
2008 Invitational Champion
Bill Flanigan
2008 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2007 Invitational Champion
Drew Roberts
2007 Main Event Champion
Russell Shiflett
2006 Main Event Champion
Scott Maddock
2005 Invitational Champion
Howard Walsh
2005 Main Event Champion
Ernie O'Green
2004 Main Event Champion
Eric Gold

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The Organizer and Sponsors of this event do not condone gaming for purposes other than entertainment. Gambling is illegal in Maryland and Montgomery County.

**As the MS Poker Tournament is purely for entertainment, the participants are not obligated to donate any money during the fundraiser, however, your generosity will be greatly apprecitated. Previous donors may receive priority seating at this and future events.